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Modern Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms. The best modern decorating ideas for a living room preserve a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere

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What Are Some Themes for Teen Bedrooms?. Redecorating a teen's bedroom can be a struggle, particularly if you and your teenager can't seem to agree on a style for the space.

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Back To School Autumn Decorating Home Office Preview

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Back To School Autumn Decorating Preview

Some of you will be starting higher education this month, with many of you moving into the halls of residence at your prospective university or college. Others reading will have sons or daughters who are temporarily moving out for this next phase of life – some might not return. Whether you are the one moving out or you are a parent helping out with the process – this post will be helpful for planning the design of their new bedroom come study; there will be issues with space, storage and limitations on decorating. Budgeting is also key and choosing pieces that will last the full year, if not longer.

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So much stuff, so little space! One of the biggest problems facing students in the halls is space. Rooms are notoriously small for most and required to store all of your belongings for the study year. All of the usual possessions for bedrooms such as clothing, plus all the necessities of a study – it can be a very tight squeeze! Being organised will help, but make sure storage options are chosen carefully for maximum benefit. See if you can fit some storage under the bed with wicker baskets and use cost-friendly plastic storage on rollers – it can be shifted around the room as and when you need it close to hand.

Help! The guys/girls are coming over! Another downfall to the limit on space is when you wish to have friends over. Sure, there are shared spaces with more seating but sometimes you need privacy and this can be hard to find outside of your own room. Find ways to bring in extra seating – possibly with a dual purpose. Your desk chair will be one option, so could the bed if you use some cosy cushions and throws to keep your bedding clean. A further option is to use an Ottoman for both storage and as a extra seat or two with an padded surface for comfort.

How Can I Express My Love Of Colour? It is unlikely that you can shake a brush at the wall with shocking pink or black, so look for other ways of bringing in colour without ‘vandalising’ the actual room. As long as the colour can be taken away with you when you leave – there is nothing stopping you from being creative. A neutral background is usually what you will have to work with – which is great because it doesn’t put limitations on colour. If white walls make you crazy, consider using voile curtain fabric in a colour of your choice to fall at the head of your bed. Cheap bedding and curtain sets in the seasons hottest colours – if you buy from a good source, you can afford to have a change when it all becomes too monotonous!

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